How to be homeless and what you could learn if you pay attention.

The only good that can come from negativity is that it can inspire people to produce writings, art, emotions that expose it’s non ability to do any good for any reason other than to inspire change for good. If you use negativity to create good or knowledge from, you have defeated it. Using negativity to destroy negativity is the only good thing that can come from it. Don’t allow it to breed.


Toxic is toxic, regardless of the packaging.

Over the years, I have learned something many do not understand.
If you are sitting somewhere with someone who is a friend of any measure and you hear them say “I really need to rid my life of the selfish people I continually support,” and your first thought is, or even worse, you actually ask, “Am I one of those people?” Yes, you are one of those people. You are a selfish person. There is no way around it. You instantly thought of yourself before asking if there was a way you could help. I know a lot of people in the former state.

do you care

I don’t care, but I want to. I really want to.

If you ever become a dad, or are now, love your children, ask them questions, give them answers, make them smile whether you feel happy or not. They will be around longer than you will and you want them to think fondly of you when you have gone. I’m 60 years old now, have never had children, but in my photo restoration business, I get to somewhat live a better life by viewing all of the photos of happy, cohesive families in the photos that I get to work on. I love it, but I always finish with a pile of photos I have taken of my friends, places and things in my life. Not of any of my family. They just never came together to give love, just to take.