Working on your own. The best way to go.

I have been a drummer my entire life. I was born with the talent. What ever you end up doing involving the arts, I figure, you’re born with. Musician, artist, actor, actress, etc. Given, I had to develop it, but it came ‘naturally.’ I never have had to try to play music.


Auditions. Always use your own gear. Always.

In my life, I have played many auditions where I didn’t get the gig because I couldn’t adjust the throne to make the kit accessible. Many where the bass pedal was on its last audition. Kits that had heads on them and the screws that go into the lugs holding the heads had bottomed out in the lugs and the skins were still too loose. Cymbals that were cracked and had small holes drilled in the end of the crack to keep them from spreading.