Just listen. Please, just listen.

Inevitably, people will expect something from you, or will expect you to do something that you are just not able to accomplish or just uncomfortable doing. Maybe they do not listen or they refuse to hear you. Maybe you have a phobia. My lovely wife has a fear of spiders. I DO NOT taunt her with spiders. I have never been comfortable swimming in water that I was not able to touch the bottom in. Even in a public pool. Silly, I know, but it is a real fear. DO NOT taunt me with deep water. I don’t go out on the water in boats, ever. Ships? Meh. Boats? No.

People do not shy away from doing things that are healthy or fun unless they have a fear of something or have a condition of some sort that they prefer not to share or expose. It may be a fear of something. Open spaces, for example. I know two people with that fear. We don’t go too many places together, but they are still good people.

Don’t push people. Accept that they may not be revealing to you that which they feel reluctant to reveal or may possibly be ashamed of revealing.

You will find yourself being pushed or forced to do those things you fear. The only upside is that it may only last a day or night, not forever.

Please don’t force those who have issues you do not understand. You will seem like a bully.

This is the truth. Believe me, I know.

Thanks for looking,
Kelly J.


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