Unconditional love. Do you really know?

Your dog, your cat. Gerbil, hamster, snake. Unconditional love. Right? I suppose they express it. Although, I consider that they have no value system so they are just happy to see you anytime. Either way, you can count on them to be happy to see you regardless of what you or they have been through on any given day. Lovely creatures and always dependable. Always consistent. Always reliable.

Do you ever ‘hate’ something? “I hate it when that happens?” Does that denote ‘unconditional love?’ I don’t think so.
Of course, anyone could say ‘Lighten Up.’
Absolutely, ‘lighten up.’
But the question still remains, “Do you express unconditional love?”

Let’s look this over.

Do you ever get upset at people who sell things at your door? Do you get ticked at the Jehovah’s witness people? Ask yourself this, “Do I have the devotion and drive these people have for what they do, for anything I do aside from parental and legal responsibilities and commitments?” Chances are good that you said “No.” I know I don’t have the devotion anyone of them have. I can honestly say I wish I did, or do. So when you say ‘No’ to them, you may be saying ‘No’ to something you may need to study. Not the reason, but the commitment. The devotion TO what they believe.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anyone should welcome everyone who knocks on your door into your house (BTW, Christ would) but be aware of the fact that you are refusing what you really may need to understand. Look at it from their side, whomever ‘they’ may be. They expect many things when they knock on a door. The first thing would be concern for their own safety. Without a doubt. Not only are there crazy people knocking on doors, but, believe it or not, there are crazy people who live in houses that have doors that people, who are not crazy, knock upon. These Jehovah’s Witness people could easily take a bullet through the door, and undoubtedly have been told by whomever sends them out that there is that possibility. I certainly wouldn’t be doing what they do, but I DO admire their commitment.

‘Unconditional Love’ does not mean that you are not capable of making informed and shrewd judgement calls, nor does it mean that you welcome being trampled upon. It does mean that you can bypass the instinct to be negative when it is a damaging influence on yourself and others.

So, what’s my point?

I’m glad you asked, but more that you are sticking around.

These people, as well as many others, who actually put their safety and life on the line, have something many people do not have. They have, nearly, unconditional love, at least from where I sit it seems so. They care about people they have never met, and certainly for those whom they may never see twice. I’m not defending any group or sect, just the devotion they have. They may have changed their agenda after becoming aligned with the group they represent, but they have that quality of devotion and determination to help others. They care. They aren’t getting paid to give you a shot at what they believe in, but they are stepping ‘out on a limb,’ sight unseen.

Well then, you do the same thing for your dog, Right? Your cat? I certainly do, but that guy two doors down on my side of the street, I’m not sure. One dude on the landscaping crew kind of freaks me out. You’ve said it, I’ve said it, without thinking and that’s normal, somewhat. We all do the same thing on the internet. Berate groups we know nothing about. People and political figures most recently. That is not unconditional love.

My concern is that when one claims to have, or express, unconditional love for one, in order to give credence to that claim, one must do the same from that day forward for all that one does, sees, feels and claims. Just for one person or group of people is not unconditional love. You can’t attach a light switch to it and turn it on or off as you please or feel disposed to do. At least I see it that way. Whether you follow Christ or detest Him, He certainly showed how it is done.

When He tossed all of the twits out of the temple because they had turned it into a street fair, he was concerned about them. He was upset that they would take advantage of something they held no respect for. Something that could have benefited them, had they understood its reality and benevolence, but they were blind to that. Sorry. I seem to be preaching, but it really is about principle after all.

Of course, when you tell someone you have unconditional love for them, they probably expect something more from you than you may realize or had intended to convey or deliver. You are now going to have to stick by them regardless of what they may do, ever. Not just today or next Saturday. You are going to have to think the best of them regardless of what they say or do that may harm or denigrate others. In short, you now have to think the best of them in all things even before you get the facts. Wow. That’s a big order. You also must be mindful of the fact that they may not understand this or may not be on the same page as you. Can you do that? Do you think you can put yourself aside and be devoted to that persons well-being and strength? Yeah, it looks a lot different when you really pick it apart.

I have no suggestions on how to achieve this wondrous condition or mind-set, but striving to do so can’t be harmful. We all need to be wise, understandably, but as I wrote in the above paragraph, getting over that hurdle of not thinking the best first is the first best, and biggest step, to making your way closer to something you may not be able to ever achieve or claim, but can certainly get extremely close to.

So, think on this stuff. I do much of the time. When I make a decision involving someone else, I consider how my decision and actions will affect them before I think of how it will affect myself. If I, or you, don’t, we are not moving closer to unconditional love and can not claim that we love unconditionally.

Thanks for looking,
Kelly J.


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