What do you want to come back as?

I really wonder why people ask this.

I think it implies at least two things. The person asking believes in re-incarnation, or possibly wonders about it, and the person asking assumes the responder does as well. Maybe they are just making conversation, maybe they are desperate or honestly curious. I’m not sure of any of those positions, I guess because I have never taken re-incarnation seriously. I really don’t believe in such a thing. It would seem to be just as silly to some people as believing in God is to some people. So, disregarding that, why do people ask such a thing?

To me, it implies that you may not have gotten all that you would have liked to in this life. Maybe you missed a few things and need more time to tighten up the loose ends you missed the first time around, but if you believe in re-incarnation, you have a lot of loose ends waiting to be ‘tightened.’ Centuries of loose ends? Actually, choosing to write about this is the most thought I have ever given to “What do you want to come back as?” If there were such a thing that could happen to a person, it seems we would know about it somehow. Don’t you think?

Personally, I would come back as me, were there such a thing to do.

I’m always taken by surprise when I am asked. I guess it tells a lot about someone who asks such a thing of someone one does not know well. Again, that belief thing. If one asks, one assumes the other is on the same page.

Well, recently, I watched a movie, “The Man From Elysian Fields,” where a guy was asked, “What do you want to come back as?” There was no banter, no “What makes you think I….?” conversation or question from the questioned. He answered with, “Me.” He said that he had lived the best life he could imagine or could have ever dreamed of having or wanted. I feel the same about my life.

Sure, I’ve had some tough times, but I don’t consider everyone has had tough times in their lives. I’m not everybody, and no one is me. I think for myself. You or Bob or Mary believe what you think is best, or works for you, or maybe you don’t believe in anything. It really makes no difference to me. I’m good in my chair. I do alright.

So, if I were to ‘come back’ as anyone, it would be me. I suppose there are a few things I would avoid or do differently, but after looking at where I am today, everything that I have gone through got me to this place, so I’m good. I am good with where I am and am good with what brought me to this place.

I don’t know about what you or anyone else believes, but I believe it’s over when it’s over. I’ll go where I go, others will be glad I’m gone, others will miss me, but it’s over when it’s over from this chair. I suppose those who ask such a question are rather dissatisfied with what they are or what has gotten them to the stool next to me while they ask me, “What do you want to come back as?” I’m not sure.

I’m good. I’ll move on in the end.

Thanks for looking,
Kelly J.


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