“I can’t even turn a computer on.” I can help you with that.

switchReally? Have you tried pushing the power button? I know it’s in a different place on every computer, but they all look the same.

<———-< They look like a power button.

Somewhat like on your wide-screen tv or maybe your cell phone. What? You don’t have either of those? Do you live under a rock? Oh, not under a rock, but you absolutely abhor and refuse to embrace change. So how did you get to your age without changing? You never asked for it? I see now.
So…..you’re actually useless outside of your house. OK, if that works for you.

What do you do for a living? You’re on disability. Wow, I should have known that.


I know people like that. I have had that conversation. Yes, I have. I’m sure you have as well. If you haven’t, you will. Or you will be involved in the beginning of the conversation, at least to the point of knowing it will only be an argument, then you’ll excuse yourself and walk away.

By nature, people don’t like change. Many do, but a majority don’t. They “settle in” at some point, become lazy and defend their position for the rest of their lives. “Don’t like the way I am? Don’t come around me then.” OK, you got a deal. That works for me.

As far as those who accept change, good on yah. Those are the people where productivity and equality spring forth.

It is nearly impossible in today’s world to avoid change. The computer thing. “I can’t even turn one on.” Start your car, start your coffee pot, turn on your tv, play a CD, take a photograph. You have started a computer. If change is hard for you to accept, you are a hypocrite. Everyday, you accept change. Like it or not, every single day.

Learning to use a computer leads to change. There is no way around it. I accepted this in 2001. I bought a used computer from the business owner I was working for. I changed. I turned into more of a nerd than I already was. Now people ask me to fix their computers. (Huge smile.)

Running from the future is a very difficult undertaking, considering what the future is. It is your breath, your survival, your existence.

So, a statement like “I can’t even turn a computer on” usually means ‘I cannot and will not accept change.’ Well, if you are comfortable with that you should discontinue any use of modern appliances or devices. They certainly will get in your way. This can also be very benevolent in that the person saying it may not know how to turn one on, although, it hardly means such. I don’t believe it is ever equated to the statement, “I can’t even turn on a light.” Anyone who would claim, “I can’t even turn a light on” does not exist. Most certainly, those who claim to not know how to turn a computer on will never be a threat to anyone, nor will they actually be OF any help. We no longer live in the age of pencils and paper.

The point of this blog entry is that avoiding the future and avoiding change are both impossible. No big mystery there, but there is a mystery in trying to do so or in thinking that you can. You can’t avoid either. Get on with life. Get on with bringing positive change and results to your life and to the lives of others.

“The only real change seems to come from those who choose to disprove that real change can’t happen.” ~Me.

Thanks for looking,
Kelly J.


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