What stops the world from turning?

Losing your cell phone.
That will stop our lovely planet from spinning. It may even interrupt our orbit of the sun, causing this planet we live on to fall into the sun. Bring some 12,000 SPF lotion.
Yeah, that’s one thing that could do it.

Hard drive fails. Yeah, that too. It happened to me. I had to go outside four times during that hour to make sure the sun had moved in the sky. It didn’t happen. It just sat there for four hours. As soon as I hit ‘Submit’ for the payment on the new Seagate hard drive, I heard the sun snap into place. Four hours, yeah. It was loud.

One doctor follow-up visit I had to go to made the earth stop for me. I was doing the follow-up visit on blood labs. It is always two visits. The first, they draw blood. The next, about a week later, they tell you what they have found. Takes about an hour.  They show you your cholesterol levels, PSA, etc. One follow-up I went to, the doctor told me I was borderline diabetic (Type 2.) Not only did the earth stop spinning, but a black hole appeared right in front of me. Yeah. It happened. The moon crashed too. I cried.

The deal is this….. There are many things in life that just ‘happen’ to us. Maybe they are called accidents, but either way, things happen to us. Someone pulls out from behind a huge pickup truck parked on the road and you hit them. Not enough time to react to avoid it. Maybe you drop a plate of food in your kitchen, salad everywhere. That could do it. They will make you feel like the earth is going to stop spinning. Maybe even like the Milky Way is going to explode.

OK, I’m sorry. I’ll get back on track here.

In our lives, we do many mundane things daily. Make coffee, drive to work (never deviating from the same route,) we always water the plants in our house in the same order. I normally start with the plant the furthest away so I don’t have to walk so far to refill. Mundane things. I’m sure your list differs from mine. But occasionally, we are bound to do something different. Take a different path. When we do, we have to think, we have to somehow be ready for what we haven’t considered that could happen. These are things that will cause the earth to stop. Don’t believe me? Next time you have an accident, take notes every minute and let me know what goes on. The earth will stop.

I could ramble on here for some time, but I’m going to spare that and just make a list. Actually two lists. One with those things or activities that will certainly NOT stop the earth, and a list of what will. Of course, what will or will not stop the earth in my life may not be the same in your life, so I’ll write down my own issues in blue text. Feel free to print them.

Just click and print when they open in the next window if you want a copy.

If you don’t see your disaster in either of these lists, it’s because
A. I don’t have the room to list it,
B. I don’t consider it a disaster,
C. Even though it may have been a disaster in my life, it no longer is a disaster, and isn’t important enough to care about.

The point here?

What do you really anguish over and what is really important to you? Is keeping that person in your life whom disrespected you every time you saw or see them, but they give you a ride to the grocery store because you can’t get there on your own a reasonable consideration? Is that important? If you said yes, then you respect yourself just as lowly as they respect you.

If your lists don’t look like mine, maybe taking a look at what is important to you is in order. We have all heard the expression, “Take care of you.” Do you take care of you, or do you just avoid hassles with others who think of you as dispensable? Being second or last to everyone else is never an option.

One thing in my life actually made my world stop. That was walking out of an abusive relationship with a woman who had, over the span of a year, continually tried to degrade me to the point of becoming insulted and violent to her. I wouldn’t do it, and the night that I left, her agenda was finally exposed. Yes, I left with the shirt on my back, but I also left with my dignity and my self-respect. I knew I was better. I must admit that I don’t understand why I didn’t see it sooner, but that night, in the heat of her yelling, she finally exposed her motivation. “Aren’t you going to hit me like men do to women?” I didn’t respond. I put what I could into a backpack, shut the door and never went back. Honestly, I knew I would never be let back in to collect my belongings. I spent the next five years in a state many do not get to see. I was homeless for the first two years on the streets of Seattle. The last three years I spent in a Mission in Everett, WA. paying 5$ a night for a bunk bed. Clean, food, safe, but not a life. That was 15 years ago. That experience actually benefited me.

Today, I am married, I live 2,657 miles away from there, I own a business that helps others by restoring family photos and transferring archival VHS tapes to digital media. I never thought I would be in this place, but had I not taken the advice I offer here, I would not be here. I dare to imagine where I WOULD be.

Don’t let anyone push you around. Even if they are 2,500 miles way, don’t let them do it. Regardless of who they are. This is even more important if they are family members. If the latter is the case, even more the importance of getting rid of people. If you have family who treat you like dirt and look forward to walking on you, even though they should actually put you first, don’t feel bad for letting them go. After all, aren’t they supposed to treat you like you are family? Aren’t they? Your world will continue to spin, and the sun may even be brighter the next day. The weather will certainly be better. Don’t let anyone stop your world from turning. Don’t give them a script that you have written that tells them what to do to be abusive to you. Re-evaluate and reorder your priorities. You will certainly come to think, “What the hell was I thinking?” There should be no place in your life where an abusive person can feel welcome or familiar, unless you have decided to stop it and offer a resolution for them. Otherwise, they need not be in your life.

Remember this, you teach people how to treat you by what you allow them to do in your life and in your head. No one should be in there who doesn’t want you to treat them the way they treat you.

Clean your closet, air out your basement and sweep your attic.
Your well being and friendship with others depends upon it.

Thanks for looking,
Kelly J.


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