Are those prescription lenses or have you tinted them yourself?

How do you see the world?

Have you ever forgotten that you are wearing sunglasses and thought, “Hmmm…’s getting dark much earlier than I had hoped?” Maybe even red colored lenses and you can’t get past thinking something just isn’t right? Then you take them off and everything just looks weird in the light that everyone else sees in?

I have.

Although, these days, I have to wear prescription lenses, I really can not see without them, I have to remove them to be able to see anything that is closer than 14 inches to my eyes such as reading, using a computer, a tablet, my phone. I have to remove my glasses to see. Yes, I can and can’t see with my glasses on. Normally, I can just look below the bottom edge of my lenses.

I wear clear lenses. I used to have a pair of very darkly tinted prescription lenses, but I’ve lost them in the last year. I loved them. After wearing them for ten minutes, everything looked normal. Yeah, they were great, however, in fact, I didn’t see anything through them as things realistically appear. Always brown, darkly lit and always tinted. I would change to my normal, non-tinted glasses now and then, but I really preferred the tinted lenses.

-(O^O)- -(O^O)- -(O^O)- -(O^O)- -(O^O)-

When you look around at other people, whether it be on the internet, at the train station, in your home with friends, at the grocery store, at the gun shop, the voting place, actually anywhere people congregate, there are people wearing glasses. Even if they are not physical glasses or contact lenses, people look through a tint they prefer. For everyone, whether they know it or agree, that tinted lens is the way they interpret other peoples’ ideas and attitudes. The philosophical, spiritual, sociological, democratic, republican, liberal, conservative, depressed, enlightened, non-thinking, arrogant, accepting lens they prefer to see everything through, every minute of every day they breathe air. Every minute, every second.

You see things through the lens you prefer. There is no exception to this. Your ears, eyes, mind and attitude, as well as your beliefs form your lens.

If you see so many people as arrogant, it’s a good bet that you are arrogant. Selfish? Yes. Paranoid? Yes. Self important? Yes. Whatever attitude or character trait dominates your life and character, your reasoning and consideration for others, you will look for and see those traits first in others. Try it. Think of people you know. If you believe you know more people who are arrogant than most any other trait, you are probably arrogant as well. If you see your friends as compassionate, it is likely that you go out of your way to help others. If your friends seem selfish but you like them anyway, chances are that you find it comforting that you can say anything you feel like saying, good or bad, and no one says anything about it. Maybe they are using the same lenses you are. Undoubtedly so.

If you see the good in people before any other attitude or trait, it’s likely you are a compassionate and caring person and people like being around you. It works every time. Like I said, try it.

-(O^O)- -(O^O)- -(O^O)- -(O^O)- -(O^O)-

Think about it. Change your lenses or sharpen your vision so you see everyone as they are, not as your lenses see them.

Thanks for looking, and if any of this causes you grief, get your eyes checked, or at least, a new set of lenses.

I’m only trying to make you think.

Thanks for looking,
Kelly J.


6 thoughts on “Are those prescription lenses or have you tinted them yourself?

  1. Good read Kelly, not sure what more I could add, so “liked” the comments – except that the blog just gets better, and better with every post, though it’s been awhile since checking in at email, had thousands piled up, but glad I did… nice thing with WP is that one always know they will have mail(“-“)


    • Thank you Annie.

      I try to write something once a month, however, most of what I have sought to flush from my system seems to have been done. I’m not sure what is next ever, but I keep my eyes and ears open.

      Merry Christmas,
      Kelly J.


      • Never seem to keep to a posting schedule myself, but eventually something sparks and I actually post instead of a piece just remaining a draft.
        I kind of get a sense that issues are being resolved, which is great; I like how writing can do wonders sometimes.
        Thank you, and all the best of the season to you, and the family too – I better get posting here soon, though visiting others is most enjoyable.


        • Thank you Annie. Yes, realizing what I have issues with by making it appear in front of me is helpful, cathartic and allows me to let others know that they are not alone by me sharing it here where others can see and analyze it, possibly to inspire resolution in them.

          God bless you and yours,
          Kelly J.

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  2. Thank you for putting words around these thoughts. I believe we all fall down, and none of us are better than anyone else; we just have different paths & drives. We have a perfectly good day every morning and choose what we do with it, and that includes how we treat each other.
    Beach Goat

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