Where are the Christians?

christianity in decline————————————————-
Where have they gone?
The ones who love everyone.
The Christians who reach out and help.
The ones who turn the other cheek.
The ones who love their fellow man.
Where have they gone?
Why do they hide?
Aren’t they supposed to be the moral and ethical example?
Where are they?

My terminology.
Those who claim to be, or will tell you they are, a Christian,
while displaying no relationship with
or displaying nothing close to the tenets of their savior.
Those who are absolutely determined to be equitable,
respectful, compassionate, accepting and gracious to others,
regardless of whom they are addressing.
You do not have to be respected first to be respectful to others.

To begin with, I hate to fling scripture around the room, it generally hits everyone, including, and not surprisingly, the person flinging it, but here’s an exception to my own rule.
“Luke 21:17 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.”
I am seriously beginning to think this may mean something that “Christians” may not have figured out. They’ve always claimed that because of the good they do in the name of Jesus, those who do not believe or follow their credo will despise them and hate them, however, from what I see as open behavior in this contemporary era, it just may be for other reasons.

I see many “Christians” now days that do not do much to garner the admiration of the masses, certainly not the admiration of the secular society, and if they do, they seem to think they must toss Jesus under the bus, then take His place on the cross and be applauded for their actions. Paul, of the Bible, said not to do such things.

In my 61 years, I have never seen “Christians” behave more hatefully, nor have I seen them become the center of so much hate and dismissal as I have in the last ten years. They are losing the limelight and becoming their own worst enemy. It’s very sad.


My grandmother, on my mother’s side, was such a meek woman. I never heard a bad word from her or about her. She never berated others by telling them what Jesus would do, or how He would chastise them for their actions or their words. But she apparently knew. She was brought up in a very religious home environment.

When I was a boy, she would tell me about Jesus.
There were no fantastic stories about raising the dead or healing the blind people, but she did tell me about being good to people and doing the right thing. I was a smart kid, so she obviously thought I would understand what she was telling me, as well as possibly thinking that if I did understand, I would join her club. I would pray through. I didn’t join her club, but I DID understand the story.

I still believe in always doing the right thing. At least what I consider as the right thing. Be polite, open doors, say “Thank you” and “You’re welcome.” Don’t speak when it will tear others or yourself down. All of that stuff. Things I remember and carry with me today. Just be a decent person. Very easy things to do.

Trying to be a nice kid is probably what got me bullied while I was growing up. Big mean kids pick on small nice kids. Yeah, Aberdeen, WA. had no shortage of bullies back in the day. Honestly, I can’t imagine it to be much different today. Aberdeen doesn’t change unless it’s a change for the worse. When I left in March of 1981, the population was close to 18,000. In 2010 it was 16,896. The downtown business district today resembles a ghost town.

In today’s world, it seems that  just being nice is embarrassing for many to just do. Maybe embarrassing to be seen doing such a thing, but when they see someone doing something nice for someone…….Awwwww, what a wonderful human. Yeah, That makes a lot of sense.
Or, is it possibly too intrusive to one’s self image?
Do they somehow feel less acceptable because they may reach out and help?
People place themselves on pedestals constantly.

Constantly, above everyone else.

Recently, in June of 2015, the United States enacted a law that granted the freedom to all homosexuals to marry and be respected as married couples. It’s called the Marriage Equality Act of the United States of America. It is another step forward into the current century for the United States. This was a victory for every single married person that enjoys the company of the one they love.

no problem1I am amazed that at this point that they were still being regarded as second class citizens. This should NEVER have been a problem or issue, ever. However, “Christians” immediately took the defensive posture and voiced their disapproval by claiming that granting equality to all people is a “War on Christianity and Christians as a whole.” They immediately placed themselves firmly on the cross. No, I am not making this up. Since June and the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling, my lovely wife and I have had no issues. Honestly, there won’t be, but “Christians” have lost their composure over this. They absolutely see it as a planned agenda to destroy them. I really can’t imagine how that could or would happen, but I would buy tickets to the event. They call it “The Gay Agenda.” I personally see “The War on Christianity” as a heterosexual agenda, in their own camp. They have become their own enemy.

Of course, they say that the acceptance of gays is the ammunition for this war, however, their Christ says to “Love your neighbor.” It provides no exception to this proclamation. None. There is no “but…..” that follows that passage. It ends with a full stop and stands alone.

The SCOTUS ruling did the best to equalize our society in unifying the entire populace as an equal entity composed of many different ingredients that, when included in the mix, should make us a stronger nation for the good of all within and as an example of acceptance without, for now. There is much more to be taken care of, but this was a major move. However, in the eyes of “Christians,” this only re-enforced, widened and deepened the margin between them and the rest of humanity, as well as marginalizing themselves from gays and the rest of the secular world. They have pushed, or maybe pulled, themselves further into the ditch. Had they all started waving signs and flags saying “We hate everyone except ourselves and I’m not sure about the Pastor,” they couldn’t have done more harm to themselves. They were in the perfect place to make the point that Christ accepted everyone. Remember those red letters where Jesus said, “I could heal your eyes and you could see, but……..you’re gay?” Neither do I. “You’re too poor, too right wing nut job, too unlike me?” No, I don’t. Side note, Jesus was a socialist liberal who actually advocated universal health care. Yeah, He was.

At this time, they actually had received the most opportune offer to become the face of Christ that they should present to the rest of the world, the face of Christ that they always claim they wear, but they failed miserably. They completely turned their backs on humanity. They have alienated those whose children are LGBTQ. Those whose aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers are LGBTQ. Those whose role models are LGBTQ. Finally, those who are LGBTQ. Of course, they would tell you, “They are all sinners. We love the sinner but hate the sin.” There is no directive for this type of thinking. None. Christ never asked anyone for credentials before speaking to them. Of course, not all believe the Christian ‘God’ exists, not all of them believe there is no ‘God.’ However, it seems that they have appointed themselves to be the police they feel the world should have, to mediate and charge those who fall into their mold of sinner or failure. This is an obsession for them. Christ said nothing about homosexuality, however, these “Christians” have forced those words down Christ’s throat as well as all who view them.

It is obvious that these “Christians” do not understand the bible that they claim to be their guide in life. The very book that they model their lives upon. They use it to constantly chastise those around them, those in the news, those who just want a marriage license. It is no business of anyone in the role of county clerk to judge the people who come to the office to ask for and receive a marriage license. A marriage license. I wonder how many people she has given licenses to that are actually not gay but living together and “Christian.” This issue with Kim Davis, and most “Christians,” it seems, is more of a mentality issue than a personal belief or morals issue. Seriously. Any person in a sound frame of mind would have no problem serving the public and performing their duties in the place this woman is in. These “Christians” see their bible as a vending machine for their own false alignment with what they believe to be “God’s” word. The words in a book that has been translated from Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin more times than can be listed with accuracy. Additionally, those four (and possibly more) languages and dialects do not assimilate to English efficiently or accurately. If you are reading “The King James VERSION,” you are reading a boiled down recitation of the original meanings. A “Best Hits.”

But this is only the face of the issue. It is common knowledge that these people are becoming increasingly vocal in their false claims that the rest of society are doing all they can to attack them. This is just not the truth of what is happening. Our society is becoming much more aware of how out dated our laws are and how unyielding these laws have been, to change, for so long. In a functional society, change is inevitable and can not be ignored without suffering dysfunction directly within the fabric of the society.

Seriously, “Christians,” pick up your ashes, dust your fine white robes off, join the rest of society and start living up to your claims. Stop tearing people around you to pieces because you “think” they are wrong. Whether they are wrong or not, is none of your business. I think you are wrong, but I’m not going to deny you basic human rights, berate you, denigrate you or dismiss you because I think you are. I may be wrong, and am willing to be pointed to the truth, which is not something I can actually say about you. I will hope that you wake up and see the light that you claim you can not lose sight of and start treating people with respect, instead of disdain. The single word “Christian” has become a red flag and most move away from it. I’ve been a Christian for over 40 years and have never wanted to be farther away from the church than I have in the past few years. Telling anyone I am a Christian diminishes my chances of being seen in a desirable light or taken seriously. I’ve never felt more betrayed by anyone more than I do by today’s “Christians.”

If you find yourself pounded into the earth like a fine powder and never to be seen again, don’t blame the world, blame your own self righteous and judgmental self. No one out here wants to harm you, but it’s not going to stay safe for you for long if you continue to hate those around you who would really like to love you.

Be cool, wise up and start respecting those whom your “God” has created,
Kelly J.

I have been a non-denominational Christian since 1974. I was 20 years old.


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