The losing agenda of today’s “Christian.”

I awoke to a crisp, slightly frosty morning today. I got up, got coffee, peeked through the shades and saw frost on the grass in my yard.

I put on my jeans, grabbed my coffee and my phone, walked into the living room and turned on my TV.

The aftermath of the attacks in Paris from two days ago was on the news, as I expected it to be. It was a terrible realization of how things in the world are morphing into a dangerous environment.

I grabbed my Mac and sat down to look over my Facebook page.

I saw two posts that had been placed by a friend of mine, a Christian man I’ve known for at least 35 years, at the top of my Newsfeed.

As I focused on the stream of posts, I had to rub the sleep from my eyes and look again, hoping that I was not actually seeing what I thought I was seeing, but it didn’t change. Those two posts were hateful, denigrating in their aim and focus, destructive with their intention. Nothing like I would imagine Christ would suggest to a follower to say. Worst of all, they were cartoons that the person posting did not create. They were lifted from someone else’s page, possibly the original poster being a “Christian,” my guess is they are exactly that. A “Christian In Name Only.” This telling me that the man who posted the lifted images, did not care to vet the source, seek facts about the lies within the content and had no intention of representing truth regardless. These hateful cartoons tuned into his hate and nothing else. By re-posting them, he was telling all who see them that he truly hates without regard, and his “Christ” is telling him this is acceptable.

These two posts, (now I will move to “Christian,”) that this “Christian” had posted looked nothing like what Christ would tell anyone to say or do or place in plain view for His followers and others to see.

I am finally giving myself over to the thought that today’s modern “Christian” knows absolutely nothing about being Christlike in any degree. None what so ever. I would really rather that it not be so, but it’s really hard to look away.

“If all of those other Christians are doing it, it’s right and I will follow,” seems to be their new credo.

It matters not to these people what they align themselves with. Christ’s teachings and intentions absolutely run contrary to what man wanted to do and think and to what these new “Christians” believe is the heart of respect. It did not allow man to bend it to fit man. This was why Christ was seen as a threat. He told you that your inner reasoning serves yourself, not your fellow man. This is 100% contrary to what today’s “Christian” allows us to see of their understanding of their savior and “religion.”

I have completely dismissed the credibility of today’s ‘modern’ “Christian.” They are creating a passive religion of hate and are absolutely doing more harm to their image than any outside force. Those without, utter words and phrases that remain as invectives. Those within, utter phrases and invectives which now define themselves, and they show no signs of backing away from presenting an image to the world that looks nothing like Christ and will never bring anyone to Christ.

I want no part of their “Christ.” I want no part of the hate that they, unknowingly, pin to their “Christ.” The Christ I have heard of since my days in first grade is nothing like this hateful “Christ” these “Christians” serve.

I’ve come to the point of dismissing friends, these “Christians,” I have had for 35 and 40 years, and more, completely from my life. I DO NOT want to be a part of their hate, their disregard for others and their complete dismissal of their Teacher’s missives. They are in favor of themselves and no one else. They do not favor the Christ.

Now, I am going to warm up my coffee, head outside to see the new morning for a minute, kiss my lovely wife as she wakes, pet my lovely cat and hope for a better way to fall upon today’s world. I think I’ll read a book for a bit. You can take a guess at my choice.

Have a good morning and a great day.
Do something nice for someone today, because you can, not because a book tells you to.
Kelly J.


2 thoughts on “The losing agenda of today’s “Christian.”

  1. Very nicely written and so accurate. I sometimes feel alone in this quagmire of a world lately trying to navigate my way to a better today and tomorrow all while wondering who are these people I have known for years and asking myself have they always thought this way and why haven’t I seen it before.

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    • One ends up thinking, “Have these friends, my friends, been wearing a happy mask for all of these years?”
      My father was that way. You could stand next to him and listen to him, face to face, talk with a friend of his, then upon turning to leave, hear him talk horribly about that person.
      He was no “Christian” at all, however, I fail to compare him to some of the “Christians” I have listened to and see any difference.
      I can’t help but be honest to people, and when I feel that my opinion could be damaging, I refrain. However, I do not feel that I need to share what I DID NOT say to anyone else.
      I keep it to myself.

      Thanks Amy,
      Kelly J.
      BTW, you can friend me on Facebook if you like.
      I’m fairly harmless.

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