The war on “Christians.” Enough. Just stop it.

Today’s environment.
Syrian refugees refused entry to the United States because they are Muslims.
Central and South American refugees refused entry because they are “Mexicans.”
Mass shootings in the United States on a frighteningly regular schedule. You can set your clock by their occurrence.
Burning and destroying Muslim mosques and homes.
Defending racism and slavery with flags they claim represents your heritage.
Openly racist presidential candidates.
Openly non-accepting of other’s freedom to practice their religion.
Refusing to fund medical, housing, employment and food relief for our veterans.
Removing financial support for needy women and their children.
Advocating that Muslims in the United States be banned, removed or put in camps.
Much more hate, vitriol and destruction than I care to see any longer.
The list could take you into next week in length.

In the last few years, I have seen more and more “Christians” spawn this activity, hatred and bigotry, than from any other group I can name. Rivaling the KKK. Wink, wink.
I have actually gotten to the point lately of saying quietly to myself after hearing or reading hateful comments or listening to someone try to reason something into, or out of, existence, “I’ll give odds that these are “Christians.” More that 90% of the time, it comes up that they are. Most of the recent mass shooters identify as “Christian.” They admitted it, or it has been found on their social network page, or in their writings on the web or on their computers in their home.

Now that we have an election cycle descending upon us, we have candidates on the right and left blasting their agenda to the public, their bases, just like a “Christian”

If you are, or aren’t, keeping score of the shootings and who is doing the shooting, here are the facts.
So far in 2015:
Mass shootings by Christians: 354.
Mass shootings by Muslims: 1.

Now, see all of those “Christians” flooding the streets expressing their sorrow and shame for what they are being represented as?
NO, you don’t.
Because they aren’t there, they never are.
They are cowards.
They are not followers of Jesus, the Christ.
They are “Christians.”
Or as I like to say, ‘CINOs.’
“Christians in name only.”
They are followers of what fits their agenda, having nothing to do with Christ while hoping you are convinced otherwise.

Did you see the voices of Muslims in the United States after the San Bernardino shooting on December 2, 2015? If you didn’t you are blind, but yet, white “Christians” are burning their Mosques, destroying their houses, harming the actual people practicing Islam.

These are reports on recent activity. (As of 12/18/2015.)
Here’s a link to the page on Google Search where ALL of the information you need can be found.
Muslims being terrorized in the U. S.

And more,
The Stunningly Long List Of Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Since San Bernardino

Here’s a link to “Christians” and their maligned view of freedom and weapon ownership. If you are a “Christian,” don’t you have a divine protector? Seriously?
The Christian Gun Owner.

Now, I suppose you would think that I’m picking on a group of people. From where you sit, I’m sure you think so. From where I sit, it’s very logical and credible. The group being picked-on are destructive, white “Christians” who have been stirred to the core by the Donald Trump campaign rhetoric. These people are dangerous to themselves and those around them. They do not question ethics, they do not question their religion, their “God,” their faith and they certainly do not question their self-respect, because they have none.

They hoard guns and weapons. They pose with them for photos they want you to see on-line, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They send those images to you on Christmas cards. They display the weapons they own with their children, their animals, wives and husbands. This is all good and fine, however, the addiction to these in-animate and dangerous devices is disturbing. “They aren’t dangerous in the hands of responsible handlers.” So, why would the phrase “dangerous weapons” even exist, if you are correct?
I’ll wait for your answer.

Here’s a thought.
If “Christians” believe ‘God’ protects them, why do they need guns? Is it because ‘God’ naps often? Is it because they just may need to go postal some day and shoot a place up? Is it because ‘God’s’ will may go against their plan in life and they want to make sure they have a backup plan? I personally have no idea. It sounds to me like fanaticism, not faith or belief. Just not brave enough to make that last step and see if they really are protected, but you can be sure the Bible wraps around their agenda like a pair of pantyhose. Isn’t ‘God’ their protector? Doesn’t ‘He’ keep them safe? So why the guns? Sounds a bit hokey to me.


The image of “God Fearing Christian” today is very dark and bleak. I can assure you that they claim that “this is what the Bible said would happen. It says we will be hated.” As a matter of fact, without pause, they believe this. However, I highly doubt that they see the problem stemming from themselves being so Un-Christlike to be the reason. Certainly, they will never face the facts and realize, that is exactly the reason. I haven’t seen a more hateful group of people in many, many years. The current presidential candidates are fueling this issue with each speech they make. They all happen to be “Christians.” They are very vocal about letting EVERYONE know, even though their Bible tells them, “They will know you by your works,” not by your opening lines and declarations of holiness. Somewhat of a double fail, no? No, there isn’t a war on Christianity. There is a desire to rid our society of “Christians” who think they need to invade every molecule of everything that exists. Walking amongst the “unsaved” must be very uncomfortable for them.

I don’t remember seeing any passage in the Bible where Christ approached someone and said, “Hi, I’m Jesus, savior of man. I perform miracles, make blind people see, make crippled people whole and am the Son of God. What do you do? How can I help you?” However, today’s “Christians” seem to think it important to tell you that they are followers of Christ before you know anything else about them. When you are a bit confused because of their obvious intent to make you aware of their “faith,” you get the stink eye from them. “I can’t talk to you. You don’t know Jesus.” Certainly not if you may be gay. Oh my, not gay. Or, they will talk to you about nothing else aside from “You will go to hell if you do not know or accept Jesus as your savior.” Yes, the sales pitch of the modern “Christian.” How utterly hypocritical.

The latest plan by candidate Donald J. Trump is to completely ban any Muslim from coming to the United States. Keep Mosques under surveillance, create a database of their members. Rather Hitler-esque of him. ‘Jeb’ Bush, another candidate, says everyone needs to prove that they are ‘Christian.’ Ben Carson, another candidate, says no Muslim should ever be a President of the U. S., however, “Christians” are fine. But yet they have been accusing the current president of being a Muslim for the past seven years even though it’s obvious that he isn’t. All of these candidates claim to be “Christians.”

Mr. Carson seemed to miss the part of our Constitution that says no religious test shall be applied to anyone in order to prove their acceptability to come to the U. S. or for eligibility to attain a government office. For Mr.Carson to say such a thing, indicates that he knows nothing of the Constitution of the United States of America. Should this professed “Christian” be our president? No, not even close. He shouldn’t even be in the business of politics. Holding his yardstick up to everyone except himself.

If you are reading this and you are a conservative “Christian” Republican, your blood is probably boiling right now. You should be questioning your group, those who practice Christianity with you, or you with them. If you really ARE a Christian, you should be feeling pain for these Muslims. Through no fault of their own, but through the fault of those who have chosen to fall away from Islam and become terrorist practitioners, just as the “Christian” Jim Joneses, Timothy McVeighs, Dylan Roofs who have recently, even a decade and more ago, become terrorists in the United States. Peaceful Muslims have now been stricken with the burden of proving they are intelligent, compassionate, respectable United States citizens, but yet, are held in contempt by those who are instructed by THEIR leader, Jesus Christ, to be compassionate and respectable. It seems that for some reason, although not hard to guess, these despicable “Christian” terrorists I mentioned above have quickly faded into oblivion. These modern “Christians” seem to hate “sicko Muslims” while keeping “sicko Christians” behind them and out of view. They point their hateful fingers at those around them while protecting those hateful followers of their savior who exhibit exactly the behavior they accuse those they do not know, and refuse to learn about, of practicing. If this is not obvious to them, they no longer are hopeful and have completely given their selves over to hate. Doing damage to the people their ‘God’ created and claiming to do so in the name of that same ‘God.’

“Christians” in name only. Nothing more, certainly much less.

Summer, 1973.

Back when I was on hard times, just after high school, I was living in Aberdeen, WA. My original hometown. A small town of 16,255+/- people, at the time, a logging and fishing boon of Grays Harbor County.

My family had been shredded through a divorce when I was just eight years old, 1962. No familial support for myself and my two younger brothers was present from that divorce forward. No one ever took any of us ‘in.’ We struggled there after. Of course, in time we all grew into adults, we took on the task of becoming responsible for our actions, but the beginning was a mess and a tough mess.

I was actually, functionally homeless at the time, so I followed my thumb east on highway 12 to Brady, just 15 miles out-of-town. There was an old repurposed school building there that had been converted to a ‘drug rehabilitation center.’ It was named “The Harvester Foundation.” We all, residents, referred to it as the ‘center.’ “Harvester” being a combination of the last names of the two women who founded it. It wasn’t state sanctioned, and I had no “habit,” but I could live there regardless, for free. It was administered by two Christian women. In order to be a resident, you had to attend church services and be involved in the duties of keeping the flow and functionality of the ‘house’ in motion and in harmony and peaceful. It wasn’t tough to do. In other words, you were under scrutiny and had chores to do.

Yes, I saw it, as you are thinking, as an indoctrination scheme in practice. It was. However, as I watched, questioned, and scrutinized the activity, I was aware of the fact that I had no where else to go. No where. My family was broken and dysfunctional. My mother was an alcoholic, my father was as well and had bailed many years earlier. I had NO WHERE to go. I could have lived on the street, but I was afraid to do so.

Eventually, at one of these church services, I figured, “I have nothing more to lose. What I have would fit into a backpack.” Well, there was a call to prayer. I got up, went to the front of the room, accepted Christ and moved on. My life got better, but I am not going to say it was Jesus that did it, because I just don’t believe that. I did my best to launch myself from the small bit of stability I had at the ‘center,’ back into life in Aberdeen. It worked out. I did well.

Now, here’s my point for bringing this history into this story.

During my stay at the center, I talked to and got to know, well, many good people. 90% of them were Christians. We talked about many different aspects of Christianity, culture, war, peace, all of the mechanisms of life. They were good people. Even as I look back on them all today, I see people who represented what the “Christians” I have seen in the modern landscape, the people I have outlined in this piece, have no idea of, no clue about, as far as what they are actually supposed to be representative of. The people I met and knew were not the hateful “Christians” I see today. I can’t imagine anyone from that past doing the burning, shooting, berating and denigrating that I see and read about in the news daily.

I will never degrade to bigotry, hate, intolerance, denigration and malevolence like that which I see today.

I’m not better than a single person on this planet as a stripped bare human being. I don’t preach to people, I don’t disrespect people before I meet them. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work, Christian or not. There are times when it’s hard to think better of people, but I find it easier to just give it up and walk away in those times than to stand and argue with people who have made up their minds that they need to police everyone they meet.

Many people I meet today, online and in the real world, are like these people. Now, I do not assume that if they hate groups of people that they are “Christians,” however, many of the people who are this hateful DO prove to be so. I always reserve judgment rather than to jump to conclusions, but it seldom turns out otherwise.

The Christian I saw, as the person my ancient friends acted like, is nothing like many of the people I see today that call themselves “Christian.” They are destructive, hateful, and a menace to themselves, their family and anyone who does not agree with their self-righteousness.

No one knows I am a Christian until I tell them, and that actually never happens because the question is never asked. I live life in respect, healthy self-esteem and a compassionate hope for all to succeed. Every day, all day.

I don’t fear people of other faiths because I don’t believe that what I believe is the only valid belief. If your faith leads you to happiness, damages no one and teaches you compassion, why would anyone have a problem with such. The faith I see “Christians” today practice, leads them directly away from these things, yet they claim, yes, they CLAIM that they are tolerant, compassionate, respectful and loving. It ain’t so.

With a faith like that, one that you fabricate in opposition to what is real, you are the dangerous one, not those you fear.

Today, 2016.

Today’s “Christian” is fractured, broken, displaced and self-important. They see themselves as the “tribe” everyone should be like, that everyone should strive to behave as and to emulate. I am not going there. As a matter of fact, I can behave and treat people much better than they do by just being me. No religion, no faith or belief in anything ‘divine.’

I don’t need to be directed to do what is good for others, and as a matter of fact, neither do Christians, but perhaps the original authors had a view of today that we hadn’t considered, because it seems that today’s “Christians” DO need to be reminded. Acting upon their own direction and cognizance is damaging to others, as well as to them selves.

One last thing.

The term “Conservative Christian” does not immediately illicit an image to me of a good, white, upstanding person. It gives me the thought of one who does not learn, one who does not consider anyone in their lives to be more important than themselves, including their family, one who has no intention of helping another person in need unless asked, and even then, a set of restrictive criteria must first be met. No, “Conservative Christian” denotes a selfish image to me. Christ was neither conservative or Christian. He also had never seen a bible. Think about that. He was liberal, socialist, reactionary and revolutionary. ‘Change’ was His motivation and purpose.

Well, that’s my rant. If it gets under your skin and makes you uncomfortable, maybe you need to make some changes in your “Christian” life and actually become a Christian. Least of all, remove your anger, get a cup of Joe and read through the book of Matthew in your Bible. Yes, this may mean you’ll have to put a block of wood under the corner of the sofa so you can take your bible out and read it, but we all have to make daily sacrifices.
BTW, Matthew is the first book of the new testament.

Most importantly of all, don’t stop learning.

Thanks for looking and Happy New Year,
Kelly J.


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