“Is that a banana in your pocket?”

Well, it seems the newest, biggest issue today is which public restroom people use when they need to. Yeah, this is the next most important, most menacing, life threatening disaster on the table.

Yes, the newest, biggest issue Republicans seem to see as much more important than…..well…..everything. It certainly stands above the gun issue we have, the children starving issue, lead in the city’s water supplies, and on and on.
Yeah, much more important than climate change. Actually, the list of important stuff the powers that be on the Republican side of our government has is really topped with “do nothing about anything.” That is much more important than any other consideration. But they seem to want us all to believe that this restroom thing is the most important, but if you step back for a minute, take a long look, breathe, you’ll see that public restrooms have absolutely zero to do with the issue.

Take a look back at the very same situation in the late 1950s to late 1960s. Blacks using bathrooms was an issue, as well as which water fountain they drank from, where they sat at the cafe’ counter, which line they stood in at the movie theater. Get it?

Many different locations, but what was the common factor? People. People that the majority of the population didn’t understand, people they feared for no good reason…..people who were different than the majority. Back then the ‘people’ being black. Well, today, the majority of people who can’t deal are white, charismatic, “Christian,” conservatives who happen to be Republicans as well. And the demons? LGBTQ people. They live in fear of being struck down by their “God” for doing whatever they think is going to tick that “God” off. Notice, I said “what they think.” Not what they know. “Knowing” is impossible for so many reasons. Accepting the very people they claim their god created is not in their agenda. That would tick their god off.

<scratches head>

No, the public restrooms, water fountains, theater lines, cafe’ counters aren’t the problem. The people who are guaranteed equal rights are the issue. The politicians devising all of these false negatives and unconstitutional laws are the actual problem. Restricting people from using the public services that their taxes pay for, restricting the people from behaving like unfettered humans, hating them for no reason they can back with evidence is the problem.

When you think the restroom someone else wants to use is the issue, then you become a liar.

OK, the argument being thrown down as a roadblock to the sane thinkers in this debate is that trans people just want to abuse people, and/or their children. Yeah, that’s their “watertight” argument. That humans would actually undergo a very expensive surgical procedure so they can prey on people. Really? This is their argument.

This logic comes from a group of people who, most certainly, never use a public restroom, (“Eeewww, nasty!”) who legislate laws for other people, in order to make everyone safer. Again, really? Safer?

I’m a 62 year old, straight, man. I lived in Seattle in the central area, the most populated part of the Puget Sound area of Washington State. I spent 20 years there. I also went through a homeless period, from 1995 to 2000. During those years, I engaged in quite a bit of personal hygiene activity in public restrooms, restroom/shower rooms on marine docks, basically, where ever I could “clean up,” I took the initiative and advantage to do so. In five years I was approached for illicit sex from men at least zero times. I even saw zero men lurking around to do so. I was relegated to public restrooms every time I needed to relieve myself. Yes, this is fact. I have no reason to make this up.

If I were young enough to have young children, I would certainly want them to be safe. However, not to the extent that I feel the need to limit other’s rights for my benefit. Democracy for one is not Democracy. The idea that a person who wants to undergo a surgical procedure to better their own life, not someone else’s, but are not allowed to enjoy the difference that procedure makes in their life is just not right. It isn’t. It isn’t right to do to you, or me, or anyone else.

My final note.

The loudest and most annoying, dissenting, voice from the gallery is the “Christian” one. They claim that this whole gender issue is a sin of some sort, however, they also claim to understand a book they claim to be a guide for them that has been edited and re-edited more times that my Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary. I seriously doubt that many of them could give a short dissertation on the origins of said book, the original languages it was written in, (there were at LEAST four, which had no equivalents in the English language at the time it was translated,) when the first complete printing of it was produced, least of all who King James actually was, what his background was and why he united the book they read.

That fact is this. These people have been sharing restrooms with transgender people for much longer than they would really want to be aware of. Yes, these transgender, scary people didn’t just become a ‘thing’ last month. They have been around for many years. Much longer than many of us have been alive. We have ALL been sharing public restrooms with them, not just “Christians,” although they would like us to believe that they are the only people who have been subject to this “horror.”

Here’s my declaration. When you see me in a public restroom, and there are times when I use them, possibly more often that many people I know, you can be assured that I will not be looking at anyone else’s junk, nor will I be showing my junk to anyone else. I normally use the first empty stall because I like my privacy, just the way I do at home. I close the bathroom door, I finish, wash up, and leave. Same thing in public restrooms. I am also not interested in anyone else’s activity, or junk.

So, stop being shitty to people, stop being a paranoid ass. Get on with your life and let others live theirs. No one in the restroom at the mall is looking to be scary, they are just hoping to buy their shoes, hats, suits, maybe take a leak and get home.

Get over yourself.

Thanks for looking,
Kelly J.


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