Change. You can and you cannot.

There are things you face daily that you cannot change.
Regardless of what you think or do, some things you cannot change.

Like what? Well, let me elaborate.

Things like…..
How long the light stays red before you can drive again.
The weather.
Your boss’ shitty attitude.
Your addiction to taking selfies on your iPhone.
Where transgender people go to wee-wee.
How fast your grass grows.
The fact that your neighbor is a Trump supporter.
You know…..this list could take all year to populate, so I’ll let you make your own list.
Remember, only things that you CANNOT change are to be listed.
No cheating.


With all of what I see in the news today, (early May 2016,) I can’t help but shake my head at some, laugh at some and applaud other information. But what baffles me most is the news that shows me how badly some want to somehow regulate things that don’t even affect them. Sometimes those ‘things’ are a part of my own life and they think that I somehow affect their lives. “Issues” that were fine left alone, then when those “issues” are stirred, they cause people to explode. In this case, as I write, I am thinking again of issues that cause conservatives, mainly “Christian” conservatives, to explode. ‘Melt down’ as it is seen from another angle. Issues that Republicans feel that they just have to stick their fingers into.

It seems that these veiled bigots just can’t get their minds out of the gutter. They are constantly and consistently obsessed with what people, whom they do not know and have never met, are legally doing with their genital organs. Seriously. How does what those people do that you have nothing to do with, will never be affected by, have a single thing to do with you, conservative “Christian?”

Here’s a fact. Transgender people have been in the public eye since at least 1951. Yes, your parents, possibly even you, have shared a restroom with someone who wasn’t born as you see them. Disturbing? No.
Humbling? It should be.
What? You don’t believe me?
OK, read this, courtesy of Wikipedia. Yeah, I know, wiki is not dependable. Well, I imagine if you are looking at information on Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, etc., you’re probably correct. Medical procedures? No, I’d say that accuracy is tantamount in that case. You can’t change that.

So, here, take a look.

Christine Jorgensen

It happened right under everyone’s noses. Oh! My! Gawd! Disturbing…..and in the 1950s! Incidentally, she never molested anyone. She lived her life famously, and by the way, there were many things she couldn’t change, so she didn’t bother trying to. Unlike many, she accepted that fact.

You can’t change the fact that people who do not speak English actually travel to the United States and live here. Yep. Everyday. However, YOU can change the fact that you wouldn’t be able to teach them to comprehend and speak English if they asked for your help. Yes, that is something you CAN change.

You can’t change the fact that Catholic Priests molest little boys in the church. Yeah, another painful fact.
You can’t change the fact that there are people, citizens, in the United States who think they can dictate what other people do and how they act. Again, a painful fact.
Oh, here’s one. You can’t change the fact that a successful black man is now the president of this country. Yes, that is something you can’t change.
Another one. Assuming that you may be a particularly prejudicial type of person, annoying, selfish and possibly bigoted, you cannot change the fact that there are many people who prefer that you just stay away from them. You can’t change the fact that they do not like you.

Here’s the deal.

Whether you like it or not, we live in a country that is perpetually progressive. We continually move forward with regard to making the lives of as many citizens as possible better, more rewarding with regard to the effort that they put into the idea that we ALL need to be successful in our endeavors. We ALL want to be happy, comfortable and successful. Don’t you? I certainly do.
So, why do you continually think everyone needs to change to fit your preconceived image of happiness? My happiness is nothing like yours, neither is yours like mine. I don’t want to change your happiness, unless I can increase it, but that’s another conversation set for another time.

Once you realize, and you should have long ago if you have problems with things on the list I made at the open of this piece, that you can not change things in this world that you may not understand, agree with or that “go against your belief,” you may realize that you can change what you insist upon keeping in your life that make you unhappy.
You and only you are the one who can make you happy or not. You can not blame your pissed off nature on someone else.

Hey, thanks for looking,
Kelly J.


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