Coupon phrases.

Those phrases and words you see on products, advertisements, product boxes and packaging, in speeches by politicians, by actors, by important people, spoken into microphones at awards ceremonies, actually anywhere things can be said that will sway you to a position that is desired by the spokesperson or the person you came to see, a position that supports them or their agenda and ideas are phrases that tell you what to do and how to think without you actually realizing it.
Yes, just small phrases.
They program you.
“America…..” (used in any manner.)
“New and Improved…..”
“Let me be clear…..”
“At that point in time…..”
“I thought to myself…..”
“Boots on the ground…..”
“Our veterans…..”
“Going forward, we’ll…..”
“Everything happens for a reason…..”
“Make ‘America’ Great Again…..”
“I will tell you this…..”
“Recorded live…..”
This could go on and on, but I think you get it.

First, let’s look at a small geography lesson.

“America.” A fairly innocuous word. It means “The United States.” No, not connotatively, but that’s what you think it means. You’ll actually argue over it. If I asked you to point to “America” on a map or globe, you’d put your finger on The United States. Well, factually, there really is no such thing as “America.” There is North, South and Central America. 35 countries are spread over these three land masses. Yes, this is factual. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. “America is the United States, you knew what I meant.” In most cases, yes, I do. But considering that I know the difference, I sometimes ask, certainly when in a discussion of policy or national importance. Just because someone else does not ask questions, that in no way, means that I should not ask questions. We should all ask questions.

These phrases. How do they work as ‘coupon phrases?’

Politicians, motivational speakers, sales representatives, evangelists, etc. use these often. They are aware of how and why they work. These phrases allow them to lie easily, to convince and manipulate others as well as changing the minds of the masses. They work very well.

When you attend, listen to, or watch a politician giving an address or speaking at a rally, they use coupon phrases. They depend upon them to stir emotions in the listener, whether the listener agrees or not. Yes, they can be honorable phrases, but can instill negative results. If you understand what I am writing about, it is highly likely that you are also aware of how these phrases will make you respond, or you may see through them and respond as I do with, “Please, get to the point. Enough with the window dressing.”

I hear these often as I watch television. They are inescapable. They make the person speaking seem truthful and honorable. They work. They are there for no other reason. In some cases, the person speaking may not even realize that they are using them. Maybe they have never considered what they are and are just as motivated by them as everyone else is. They use them to use you.

“Coupon phrases” are what draw you to the speaker. They attempt to bind you to the speaker or the politician, sales representative, whomever is speaking. That is their only purpose, regardless of whether they are accurate in their meaning or not, and those using them are mentally insistent that you do not actually pay attention to those phrases. They do not want you to check their accuracy, or they do not possibly know that those phrases are not always accurate, or maybe they are and maybe they do know, but as I mentioned, they use those phrases to look much bigger than they actually are up close.

Now, I am a little OCD, so I question everything. Absolutely everything. So I see these magical phrases when I read, or hear them in speeches and I ignore them, because I know that they are actually just shiny things. They hold no weight or sway over me. I know what they are and why they are there. They do not draw me closer. However, I know there are so many people who either do not know that they are ‘hook’ phrases, or don’t listen close enough to ask questions. I find these phrases distracting and laborious. Absolutely unneeded. Nothing unlike fog on the road while you drive.

One last thought on this to present.

Remove yourself from the passing crowd that makes no exception about people speaking in a manner that they hope will sway you for no other reason than they know how to use pretty words to appeal to you. Be that one that makes the speaker own up to the meaning of their words, or ignore them until they actually make sense and deliver what is needed to incite change for all. Ignore those who speak just to be speaking. They have no promise to make that they can keep or substantiate or deliver the goods on.

They will continue to speak these “coupon phrases” and pretty words as long as there is a crowd of ears to speak to. Make them tell the truth in no fancy rhetoric. Make them see you as a person to speak to and not a head that just nods when the words are spoken. Force them to see you by looking at them, by staring into their eyes with intent to question their words and the meanings of those words.

If you do not, they will get what they want from you whether you want to give it or not.

Don’t take it for granted that the words you hear always have meaning. If you do not question those words, you will always be led in some direction, whether you realize it or not.

Well, have a great day,
Kelly J.


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